Welcome to the most awesome, easy to do and safe experience on ice. Cruise, race, corner like you’re on rails or drift: choose your own challenge!

Icebyk DriftTrike montage

What do we do?
We develop, and support the production of, the various Icebyk models and accessories
We own a fleet of Icebyks which we make available for events via the Ice Track Cycling Federation
We assist commercial organisations to plan and run events

What is so special about the ICEBYK ?
1. It is childishly simple to get going on any Icebyk because it is stable and easy to operate
2. It is safe. And it is fun to use! Challenging to race and a great experience to share with friends
3. Indoors on ice or outside on frozen lakes and canals; all you need is an Icebyk
This is all now within reach for those who cannot or choose not to skate

And what is the point of Ice Track Cycling?
Every 4 years the Winter Olympics hosts speed skating on a purpose built 400m ice oval – but there are no disabled catagories on the 400m ice oval! The Ice Track Cycling Foundation wants to change all this. We want to open up these wonderful ice ovals to a new and diverse generation of sportsmen and women. Ice Track Cycling aims to be part of the Winter Olympics’ program in 2022.

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