2013 plans

The discussions are going well to schedule the following activities in 2013:

  • IceTrack Open Champs, Kardinge (Groningen, NL); Sunday evening(s) in March
  • Ice TT, Assen; Tuesday(s) in February
  • Junior IceTrack experience, Thialf; February / March
  • Various private events (company outings); Jan-Mar. Bookings still available.
  • Pre-registration and entry forms will be available in January

Obviously I hope the lakes and canals will freeze so we can charge around outside and there will certainly be an assult on the Elfstedentocht if at all possible. Last year I did a few sections of the route but the IBv13 should be able to handle it just fine.

The next big step is to release the Ice-Bats on the German public so a trip to Inzel would be nice! And then Russia to test the ice at Sochi. I’m working on it…

IceTrack is the sport. Ice-Bat the machine. Anyone who fancies joining the IceTrack project (for instance to set up a local IceTrack club) should send me an email – I’d like to hear from you!

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