2013 – Year of the Bat?

A quick post to wish you all a happy, safe and adventurous 2013!

Checking out the web stats, I can see that the number of hits on icebatracing.com is up from 45,000 in 2011 to 58,000 in 2012 (divide by about 10 to get number of visitors to site). This encourages me to keep up the posts!

The plan for the next few months is to give more people a chance to try out the pleasures of IceTrack. Regular slots at various ice ovals should give you a better chance to have a go. Details to follow.

Just like every other skating nut in Holland I’m banking on an Elfstedentocht in February! The ARC won the last edition of the Elfstedentocht on water and are masters in not only the rowing but also the complicated logistics and navigation to achieve this magic undertaking. The ARC are going to help plan the Ice-Bat assault on this famous route so if it does freeze, the 4 Ice-Bats stand a chance being able to race the 200km course.

Obviously this is all most unlikely, but better to have failed trying than not to have tried at all. And I think I’ll make that my New Years Resolution for 2013. What’s yours?

All the best for 2013, Steve

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