Bonn – Munich – Inzell

Our tour of Germany included a visit to the Paralympics head office in Bonn, then to Munich for the ISPO Brand New competition, and then on to Inzell.

Bonn: the meeting with the IPC was great – if you have any negative perceptions about FIFA, IOC, etc then forget them entirely for the IPC. I have nothing but respect for the the work they do and the way they do it and it would be a privilege to work with them in the future.

Munich: we dropped Icebyk Purple off for a few days so the judges for the ISPO could get stuck in to the tricky (easy…) task of picking a winner. I’ll report back when I know more.

Inzell: the Max Aicher Arena is a beautiful venue in a beautiful location. Not surprisingly our reception was ‘sceptical’..  We left it up to the Icebyks to do the talking. And the reaction was everything we could have hoped for. We stayed at the Kia Speed Skating Acadamy, were grateful to be sponsored by a German internet company, hooked up with Mailis Bikes & Coffee, and of course most of the staff at the Arena had a go on the Icebyks. Inzell is close to the boarder with Austria, and to quote a famous Austrian: ‘I’ll be back’.

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