Company Teams race evening

After the blistering 89 laps at over 35km/h in Thialf, it is now your turn to get even with your colleagues during the Company Teams race evening! To keep it slightly safe we will be using the “Club Racer” Icebyks which can still hit 35 km/h for short distances..

Teams can have up to 5 members, and should have at least one male and one female participant. It is a fun event and the racing format allows everyone to be competitive without having to be a super hero.

Last year we had a brilliant evening of exciting races with Ziggo, Quintor, The Factor E, Stouwdam and MV-Moves fielding teams. Anyone interested in taking part should fill in the contact form or mail Steve.

Can’t make it on 16-Jan? More dates & venues available on request.

icebyk wk no4

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