Frequently Asked Questions

Number 1 is “how fast does it go?”

  • The answer is it depends on the ice, the wind and of course how hard you pedal. With good ice and no wind, 35 km/h is within reach of a reasonably athletic cyclist. That feels pretty fast on the corners!
  • The current Ice-Bat is designed for racing while being to be easy to operate and transport. A version purely designed for maximum speed would look pretty different.

Number 2 is “where is the propeller guard?”

  • yes, the propeller is dangerous but safety is achieved in a number of ways:-
  • the propeller hub is fitted with a drum brake linked to a “dead man’s handle
  • a maximum of 2 Ice-Bats operate on the ice-oval at any one time
  • skaters are not permitted on the ice when operating the Ice-Bats
  • and all events are closely supervised
  • for recreational use, a guard can be fitted around the propeller
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