Fun Parks

We are the world’s leading designer of Hybrid Ice Fun Parks. By using a combination of frozen water ice and plastic ice, we create a 3-D surface which is safe, fun and easy to use! Not just for Icebyks – they are designed for skaters too. Kids love just it!

Every ice rink is different and although the Icebyks and Highway elements are all standard, we suggest you fill out the contact form and discuss your specific requirements with us. In this way we can help you design your own Ice Fun Park so you can offer the right mix of activities to your ice rink visitors.

The Icebyk is incredibly versatile. Because it is stable and easy to use, it is possible for icebykers to tackle a  range of challenges that are usually only possible for advanced skaters. Side by side racing is a firm favourite, and with the addition of car tyres to lay out a race track, excitement is guaranteed!

But it doesn’t stop there. The Icebyk Highway elements adds a whole new dimension to your ice rink. Made from aluminium frames covered with the same plastic that is used for artificial ice rinks, the various ramps and blocks can be combined to create amazing ice fun parks. And when not in use they are moved off the ice and stored, ready and waiting for the next party. Using a handball, a set of ice hockey goals and an ice sheet (from 15 x 15 to 30x 30m), Icebyk handball is proving very popular. With 3 to 6 a-side, the ball can be kicked or thrown while trying to score a goal.

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