I – AM – SPEED..

..to quote Lightning McQueen!

Developing the icebyks so they go faster has been (and still is) one of the most enjoyable of the many challenges involved in getting IceTrack noticed and relevant. But the racing in Breda demonstrated that the byks are probably fast enough at the moment. Fast enough to be exciting and a little dangerous, but not excessively so. If you turn into a sharp corner at 30kph, the natural instinct is to lean into the corner. However if you do that on the icebyk, the weight reduces on the cornering skate and you head off into the crash cushions! Hitting them at 30kph is fast enough and plenty of people go that fast on their first attempt at racing round an ice oval! So for the time being we will stick with the current speed configuration until more people have done a bit more practice!

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