Ice-Bats in the summer

The Ice-Bats have been resting over the summer but we had some fun demonstrating one indoors at the Assen culture centre (cinema, library, theatre complex) as part of the “New Sports Symposium”. Of course Ice Bat Racing is everything a new sport shouldn’t be – dangerous, hard work, very limited where you can use it, etc! But I think we drew the biggest crowds!

The next ‘target’, before the ice comes back, is to test a four bladed propeller (by bolting two 2 bladed ones together). You never know – it might be faster! I am planning on changing the skates this winter as last winter I left them alone.

Finally I have to admit that I am ‘secretly’ contemplating an Ice-Bat without a propeller because I would love to have a ‘formular 1’ grid full of ice pedal cars and that’s never going to happen with 2m propellers turning at 400rpm!

I’ll keep you posted….

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