Icebyk Essentials

This winter the Icebyks will be getting sideways on various ice rinks, and maybe you are in charge??!! Here are some tips from the professionals, Team Icebyk 🙂

On the ice:

  • Use barrier tape to cordon off the area of ice in use by the Icebyks when sharing an ice rink with skaters. Cones are not suitable because skaters like to skate between them!
  • Use old car tyres on the ice to lay out a nice race circuit with both sharp corners (ideal for drifting) and more gentle bends.
  • Ensure people do not walk on the ice unless getting on and off the Icebyk.
  • At the ice rink entrance, use a mat to clean shoes on.


  • Keep the tyres pumped up to 45psi / 4bar. Check at least once a day.
  • Store the Icebyks in a dry place.


  • Feel free to use pictures, videos etc on the Icebyk website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts.
  • Use the hashtag #icebyk so other people, including Team Icebyk, can help you promote and share your event.

And most important of all: have fun!!


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