IceTrack Cycling International Day 18 Feb.

Report to follow soon on another top session on the ice which included the first crash in a race..! In the mean time here is the link to some videos & photos.!gkgABZ4D!vjL4DA_lzvV9PaBXnRwdpw

1600 Meet in reception area of De Bonte Wever in Assen, NL
1630 Go to ice oval; session 1 (instruction, adjust bikes, get used to bikes)
1700 Session 2 (speed trials)
1730 Session 3 (racing – optional)
1800 end


Why International Day?
In order to even be considered for inclusion in the 2022 Olympic program, 8 different nations need to take part in an IceTrack Cycling event every year from 2014 onwards.

How’s it looking?
On 11 Feb in part 1 of the event, Russia, France, Israel, Australia, Netherlands and Great Britain were represented. On the 18th we had entries from Poland and USA well as some returning nations from the 11th. Which means we achieved the 8 Nation target!

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