The Icebyk comes in 4 different designs:

  1. Icebyk Drift Trike – just as the name suggests, a drift trike but for use on ice; bridges and ramps also available for maximum fun
  2. Icebyk Max V – the race prototype; pushing the boundaries of cornering and cycling speeds on the fastest Olympic ice ovals
  3. Icebyk Club Racer – safe but fast & fun racing on ice; now within reach for virtually anyone even without practice
  4. Icebyk Grand Tourismo – for enjoying the great outdoors; with gears, mudguard, lunchbox and other essentials
  5. The original Ice-Bat – the most outrages machine ever to hit the ice; now a museum piece as seen in the Science Museum, London

Icebyk DrifTrike    Icebyk MaxV    Icebyk ClubRacer    Icebyk GT    Peter Haan, ready to rock

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