Icebyk Eva Navratilova IceTrackHourRecordThe Speedbyk incorporates a low, reclined sitting position; it has a single drive wheel at the back, a steering skate at the front and a stabilising skate at the side. It is fast in a straight line and can take left hand bends (eg on a 400m skating oval) at high speed. There are 3 different versions:

  • Icebyk-R1: full race version with over-seat steering and fully reclined seat
  • Icebyk Club Racer: under-seat steering, easy and safe to race on 400m ovals
  • Icebyk-GT: optimised for long distance touring of natural ice sheets


  Icebyk GT  icebyk-speed-bike-01 icebyk-speed-bike-02 icebyk-speed-bike-03 icebyk-speed-bike-04

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