Sport Innovation Prize 2013

Han_MaxUpdated 11 October

I didn’t win!.. Maybe next year?

The Ice-Bats have just entered a slightly different type of competition – this time it is for the Dutch National Sport Innovation Prize. I am full of optimism (as usual…) that the Ice-Bats will do well…even win???

The judging criteria include the product performance aspects, the benefits in terms of getting people to take part in sport, and the economic value. Here are the 5 reasons to vote for the Ice-Bats:

  1. They are fast, fun and a great new experience
  2. Ice-Bats are suitable for young and old alike, able and disabled
  3. They use existing infrastucture, adding a second sport to expensive 400m ice ovals
  4. Holland is known for cycling and skating: the combination is ideal export product
  5. The racing is fun to watch and onboard camaras enhance the spectator experience

If we get shortlisted, the ‘Likes’ will count so get ready to be spammed! (You can always practice by ‘liking’ this post!).

It’s all in Dutch but you can check out these links to the website and entry forms:

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