What’s new for 2014-15?

Only a month to go until the ice ovals open for the winter in the Netherlands, and some (but by no means all!) of the Icebyk plans are in place for the new season. The first 3 seasons were really all about the technical challenge of getting a bike round a 400m ice oval and last season we concentrated on standardising the Icebyk and introducing Icetrack Cycling  to a wider audience. You can even find Icetrack Cycling on Wikipedia now! This season we are going to explore the commercial opportunities.

So instead of talking about skate sharpening techniques, suspention geometry and aerodynamics, I have had a number of interesting meetings with marketing and commercial organisations. Until the contracts hve been finalised, I won’t publish them here but the aim is to offer Icetrack on a regular basis to businesses and youth groups. More info to follow..

ISPOI am preparing to enter the ISPO Brand New competition. Last year we had a great time with the Icebyks at the Science Museum in London. It would be fantastic to get them on display in Munich – wish us luck!

And looking further ahead? The vision is to turn the 400m ice ovals into a sort of human powered NASCAR on ice with 20 Icebyks racing against each other. This season we will be looking to put into place the funding, organisation and marketing operation needed to make these icetrack events reality.



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