Team Icebyk

Team Icebyk operates as a franchise business providing fantastic customer experience events. We are expanding the Team at the moment – why not get in touch to book a Team in your area? Or even to start your own franchised Team? Fill in the Contact form for further details.

team-icebykTeam Icebyk makes sure that your customers have the best possible experience when they take part in an Icebyk event. We run complete events ourselves, we help event organisers plan and run their own events, and we advise ice facility managers on how to optimise their venues.
Please fill in the Contact form to get in touch.
Icebyk Junior WomenThe Icebyk range of products are designed to unlock the incredible experience of cycling on ice. Safe, fun, fast. Virtually anyone can have fun on the ice without the fear of falling down or needing to master the tricky sport of skating.
Hundreds of people have now covered literally thousands of kilometers on the various Icebyks over the last 5 years. From totally inexperienced to hard core racers, our safety record is impeccable. We are determined to keep it this way. Hence safety is an important part of all Experience sessions and our relationship with customers and partners.
IceCool Experience v5.3We are working with a number of global companies including Ice-World International, Art-Ice (Betech) and Sport Experience to develop the Icebyk experience concepts. Several are now well established and some will be new for the upcoming season.
Anyone involved in ice facilities, education and business group activities, and sports are welcome to contact us to see which concept can best enhance your customer experience. Please fill in the contact form to get in touch.
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